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  1. Valuna Retired Moderator Nov 23, 2014

    Quote by lisz

    Quote by ValunaHau ~

    Still waiting for that wallpaper.

    Ahhh, I was planning on reworking it, sorry love D:
    /waiting for stuff to cool down @ work

    Omg, really? I'm looking forward to be blown away <3
    Take your time, we're all patient...besides, it helps if the good works are submitted with some time inbetween for the gallery xD

  2. elisadevelon Retired Moderator Nov 22, 2014

    Quote by liszDon't mention it, you deserve it c:
    + haaaa, it's more like I think someone else'll appreciate it more?

    Anyways, congrats on the win, once again, and the highlight!

    /sorry for the super late reply

    Well, it's up to you to decide.
    Thank you again and no problem! I sometimes reply horribly late, too. ^_^;

  3. Valuna Retired Moderator Nov 14, 2014

    Hau ~

    Still waiting for that wallpaper.

  4. elisadevelon Retired Moderator Nov 08, 2014

    Quote by lisz Waaaah congrats Elisa + Meron-san!

    Thank you so much, Lisz!

    Quote by lisz umum, as for prizes, I just participated in this on a whim so feel free to keep the keychain or gift it to one of the other participants ; ;

    And don't say that; you totally deserve your prize, just like Val said. :)

  5. Mayuuki Oct 15, 2014

    Quote by lisz Wai, Mayu-san, thank you for the fave c:

    You're welcome! I really loved your wall, so simple yet so beautiful! You really deserve the highest score in this round. <333
    Good luck in the next one!

  6. reesha Oct 12, 2014

    Quote by lisz Thanks for the fave :3 !

    you are welcome. :3

  7. Angi Retired Moderator Oct 11, 2014

    Quote by lisz haha, I'm glad you liked it so much c:
    Thanks for the fave + lovely comment!

    You're welcome :3 luv your entry very much >w<

  8. Kurorisa Oct 11, 2014

    Quote by liszWai, thank you for the fave > w < /

    you're welcome! love your entry! good luck with the contest :D

  9. Tsasu Oct 11, 2014

    Quote by lisz Thank you for the fave c: !

    no problem :)

  10. nikita94 Oct 09, 2014

    Quote by lisz Hullo again /
    Thanks for the fave!

    Hello! No need to thank me ;)

  11. adri24rukiachan Restricted Member Oct 08, 2014

    Quote by lisz Thank you for the fave!

    You're welcome! ^^

  12. fitarol15 Oct 08, 2014

    Quote by lisz All the pretty gifs * u *

    thanks for the fave!

    Your Welcome ^_^ And the GIFs Are from The Anime Series Clannad (My Favorite Anime)

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